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Referral Program

Referral Program – Earn $500


Q. What is a Referral Program
A. Our business is based on networking, and good people know good people. By referring an individual to us, and if our firm places that individual in a permanent position within a 12 month period, we want to Thank You with a $500 reward.

Q. How do I refer someone?
A. All referrals must be submitted through our web-site. Click on the link “Referral Form” and complete the form.
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Q. How many people can I refer?
A. As many as you want. You can continue to receive a $500 reward for every individual you refer to us, that we place within a 12 month period.

Q. How do I know you got my referral?
A. We will acknowledge your submission is either valid or invalid via e-mail within 3 days of receipt of your submission. NOTE: Add extra days for holidays.

Q. How and went do I get paid?
A. We will contact you upon placement of the individual you referred. Payment will be made to you after a probationary period of 90 days is met.

Referral Program Guidelines

In order to be eligible for a $500 reward, referrals must follow the rules below:

  1. If you submit a referral to MR Vancouver for a specific position we have posted/advertised on our web-site.
  2. If you submit a referral of an individual who does not specifically fit any current openings on our website, but you feel we might place them in the future.
  3. All referrals are valid for 12 months from the date of submission. If the individual is placed after the 12 months no reward is due.
  4. If an individual you submit is already in the referral program or has been previously contacted by our office, you are not eligible for a reward.
  5. All submissions must be through our web-site and all forms must be filled out completely.
  6. Upon contacting your referral, we will let them know you referred them
  7. You cannot refer yourself!

Submit a Referral

→ I would like to submit a referral

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